Cheap shots challenge

Discussion in 'Sunny 16 podcast' started by moroseduck, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. Sounds like you've got it nailed! DSLR us definitely a good workaround. I think of them as a super-advanced light meter - they don't just tell you how much light, they also tell you where it's going ;)
  2. Ok, not sure what the current topic is on the cheap shots challenge, as I'm massively behind on the podcast.

    But here is my entry to the "Events"category.

    Taken during my sons Easter hat school parade last week.

    Didn't look at all weird, shooting this with my massive handbag-shaped Polaroid 600, while all the other parents had their iPhones.


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  3. nice going OCK!

    the events theme was set to dormant I think but some peeps got a few shots on that photography show that they're talking about in one of the latest (THE latest even?) episode.

    The new one is "portraits" by the way.
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