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  1. Sounds like you've got it nailed! DSLR us definitely a good workaround. I think of them as a super-advanced light meter - they don't just tell you how much light, they also tell you where it's going ;)
  2. Ok, not sure what the current topic is on the cheap shots challenge, as I'm massively behind on the podcast.

    But here is my entry to the "Events"category.

    Taken during my sons Easter hat school parade last week.

    Didn't look at all weird, shooting this with my massive handbag-shaped Polaroid 600, while all the other parents had their iPhones.


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  3. nice going OCK!

    the events theme was set to dormant I think but some peeps got a few shots on that photography show that they're talking about in one of the latest (THE latest even?) episode.

    The new one is "portraits" by the way.
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    Brand new here! Finally caught up listening to all the episodes and love the podcast! Want to do the cheap shots challenge. I hit 3 thrift stores in my town and found absolutely no cameras! Maybe this film revival is blowing up?! Looks like I gotta go eBay. So to clarify, does shipping cost count in the budget? How long do we have to submit for the portrait challenge? Anyway, hello and keep up the great work.

    Edit! Oops, just noticed on the first page that shipping counts towards the total cost. That makes it tougher!
  5. No worries @Gutterman. It's good to have you on board!
  6. Okay! I went to my local used camera store, really the only one in my town. I have done quite a bit of business with him over the years although he doesn't even know my name. I think he just knows I like Pentax cameras. I told him about the cheap shots challenge and my budget for it. $27 US dollars later I walk out with a Pentax SF1n SLR and 28-80 zoom lens! Works great and screams late 80's vibes. Now to take some portraits!
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  7. That might actually be a great allreound camera for the challange -good luck with it, Gutterman :)
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  8. That looks like a fine camera! I've been having a lot of fun with my Chinon CP-6, of similar vintage, and I just picked up a CP-7M which could nearly be a twin of yours. After looking through the SF1n manual I'm going to search for one myself. It has the wonderful property of being able to meter all the way down to ISO 6, which is perfect for the ancient expired film that I love to shoot; that's really hard to find.
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  9. Yeah, I really like it despite its 1980's style buttons instead of knobs approach. It really is a quite capable camera, only missing feature is DOF preview. They go crazy cheap at the moment and are said to be built like tanks. Mine works perfectly and it does feel like a very high quality camera.
  10. And I guess you can if you want to mount any pentax 35mm lens on it too without problem :)
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  11. Oh yeah! I have a great selection of Pentax lenses because I am kind of a Pentax freak. However, to stay true to the challenge, I will stick with the 28-80 zoom it came with that was included in the price I paid!
  12. aah, now I see the pentax in your profile shot :D

    but yeah, I've shot with mine about outside of challenge stuff just for fun (and getting to know the camera I guess)
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  13. okay so spurred on by a vague but fast approaching deadline, here are my entries! I scanned the 1 hour lab prints in the office copy machine so I'd say I'm very much keeping with the theme of the challenge :D

    first two of my son, who is thank god at that tender age where he hasn't grown tired of his dad taking photos of him all the time. I liked the mirrored glass shot myself but he insisted on the one with the heavy vehicle (what do you call them in english? they're traktor here)
    and before his final day on the job, I got the boss for myself for a few minutes to take two shots. one serious and one where he's drinking some injury sanitiser liquid ;)
  14. image.jpeg Current feel:
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    Thanks! I was more into just getting to participate so I feel like I got lucky. Natural models doesn't hurt I guess ;)

    Yours would have been a real contender though! So I feel extra lucky now haw haw
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  17. I want to throw my hat in the ring finally for the next Cheap Shots Challenge. I found the podcast back in March after Mike Padua ran the Instagram feed for the week, so I got a late start listening and have finally caught up with the current episodes. I'm a 'camera rescuer' and hit up the local thrift stores a few times a week and have done quite well finding potential competitors for the honor of the Cheap Shot Camera. Finalists were- a Nikkormat FTN found with the Nikkor 50mm f1.4 lens, and a later find of aftermarket 135mm and 35-70mm lenses for under $10.00, Nikon OneTouch f2.8 point n' shoot for $2.00 plus a $3.00 battery, Polaroid SLR 680 for $1.49, which just squeaks in under the budget with Impossible film. I found a Olympus Stylus Epic for $3.24 but couldn't resist the easy $100 profit in selling it. :) The final winner is: Minolta Freedom Zoom 90c - largely because this is the cheapest of cheap shots I could come up with, and it should be fairly versatile? For 50 cents (it was half-price) it includes a roll of Fuji 200 film already in the camera with only one shot taken, and a working battery. If the battery holds up for the remaining 22 shots ( I did one test shot), I can home develop for maybe the cheapest of the cheap- or fail utterly. Cheers!

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  18. and here I was thinwelcome into the fray, Danny! I haven't listened to the latest ep yet but surely there must be a new challange coming?!

    glad to hear that second hand places where you're at haven't dried up on the camera department of things :)
  19. Tried getting some shots in for the Macro Challenge this weekend and the battery in my old Minolta was too weak to take any more shots- new battery ordered, bringing the tally up to $5.49. Also, this camera wasn't meant for macro, so this will be interesting. I have several old magnifying filters, maybe I can rig something up with them .
  20. Oh, and on a side note- if you're in North America and have a Walmart nearby I found one clearancing the single rolls of Fuji Superia X-tra 400 for $1.50. I don't know if thay was a store decision or corporate, but might be worth checking the clearance isle just in case. The four packs were still regular price.

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