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  1. I hate Walmart but I might be willing to buy film from them at what is probably their cost ;)

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  2. Hi all, longtime listener (been catching up on the old episodes, but now finally up to date) and new Cheap Shots contributor.

    I picked up an ebay bargain after a fair few unsuccessful attempts and have now taken delivery of a Ricoh KR-10m, complete with kit lens and three rolls of film.

    I'm based in Sydney and took advantage of the previous mention of US$30 budget, as that got me AU$40... 2c less than I needed to win the auction and pay the postage.

    I put the bid in before I knew the new category, but as a fluke, the lens has a pretty good close focus... plus the lens comes off for a bit of sneaky reverse lens shooting.

    I shot the first roll of (12 year expired) colour through it this morning, so I'll post some results once I get them back and scanned.

    Luke.. Ricoh KR-10m.jpg
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  3. Official cheapshots entry: macro edition! Sadly, my first camera pick for the challenge ended up a dud. A new $5 battery didn't fix it- it simply shut off when the shutter was pressed. That's the second Minolta point n' shoot I've had that happen on, maybe they have a general electronics flaw. Plan B, is a 1970's Nikkormat FTn, a burly beast but not likely to break, more likely to break things. I used a .99 cent Kalimar 35-70 macro zoom reversed and hand held, only dropping the lens twice. Film is 33 cent expired in 2009 Wallgreens 200- most likely a rebranded Fuji film. Home developed in Unicolor C-41 chemicals and scanned on an Epson V550.

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  4. So, I decided that I would give the cheap shots challenge a go. I do have a lot of small, cheap cameras but the rules state that it has to be a new camera. OK. Well, I found one.

    It is a vision of the future, the Ricoh Mirai (Mirai apparently means future, see what I did there?) I can't post a link as this is only my second post so here are a couple of pics


    It came with the case and the whole lot cost me the princely sum of one (yes one) of our Great British Pounds. My wife is something of a car-boot sale queen and she is always on the lookout for me. Bless her.

    It has a 35-135 mm f4.2 to 5.6 lens. So no PanF then! And I think it gives Graeme's Olympus Fugly a run for its money in the design stakes.

    No idea if it works or what it can do. We shall have to wait and see.

    All the best,

  5. Very Robocop.
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  6. I mailed these in last minute but now that the thingie has bern postponed I reckon I should take the time to show off here as well so they're more than just bits of audio for everyone else, if they even get mentioned :p

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  7. Et la, the kit: fed-2 and macro part/vack part of a lomography fisheye with cardboard to hold it(ish) to the 50mm 3,5 industar somethingorother lens

    Scuze the collages, I know no easy way to make an image small enough for the forum while at the phone :D

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  8. Ready for another challenge- this Cheapo is restless!

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