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  1. I hate Walmart but I might be willing to buy film from them at what is probably their cost ;)

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  2. Hi all, longtime listener (been catching up on the old episodes, but now finally up to date) and new Cheap Shots contributor.

    I picked up an ebay bargain after a fair few unsuccessful attempts and have now taken delivery of a Ricoh KR-10m, complete with kit lens and three rolls of film.

    I'm based in Sydney and took advantage of the previous mention of US$30 budget, as that got me AU$40... 2c less than I needed to win the auction and pay the postage.

    I put the bid in before I knew the new category, but as a fluke, the lens has a pretty good close focus... plus the lens comes off for a bit of sneaky reverse lens shooting.

    I shot the first roll of (12 year expired) colour through it this morning, so I'll post some results once I get them back and scanned.

    Luke.. Ricoh KR-10m.jpg
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  3. Official cheapshots entry: macro edition! Sadly, my first camera pick for the challenge ended up a dud. A new $5 battery didn't fix it- it simply shut off when the shutter was pressed. That's the second Minolta point n' shoot I've had that happen on, maybe they have a general electronics flaw. Plan B, is a 1970's Nikkormat FTn, a burly beast but not likely to break, more likely to break things. I used a .99 cent Kalimar 35-70 macro zoom reversed and hand held, only dropping the lens twice. Film is 33 cent expired in 2009 Wallgreens 200- most likely a rebranded Fuji film. Home developed in Unicolor C-41 chemicals and scanned on an Epson V550.

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