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  1. Ok, I was following along when it was just the Beastie Boys dads rocking slightly self consciously out (although the drummer looked a bit...iffy), but WHAT THE ACTUAL **** IS WITH THE DUCK FEEDING???
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  2. Dunno, music video post-modernism is always difficult to fathom, GIGO I suppose. Do we know who they are? "Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn."
  3. It's a metaphor.

    Also, we only had one good take (and I use that term loosely) of the audio for which the accompanying video was unusuable, and 2 partial takes which were ok so it was an exercise in syncing up the bits which matched and covering up the gaps in other places, and why not use a shot of a duck eating food out of my hand?
  4. Sounds like a fun editing job! The end result came out well though.

    I'm a thicko and much though I love the song, I couldn't really tell you half the words in either the original or this well yelled cover , please can you explain the metaphor?

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    The metaphor is that it was late and it was the first bit of footage I had to hand to hide the 4 of us looking gormless and not playing anything.

    The tricky bit with syncing up audio is always the vocals and the drums. Not many people can tell if the guitars are out of sync but it's always obvious when the lip sync is off and the drums don't match. There is one bit where I couldn't resolve it completely as I changed drum patterns compared to the audio whilst the vocals stay the same, but you have to really be watching for it.

    Seeing as the resolution is horrible due to it being a zoomed in landscape view of a panoramic video though, i think that's the least of the issues....
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    Wot we did on our holidays (3 years ago)

    I should possibly note that although the footage is 3 years old, I've only just got around to editing it together as a present for the missus. Given I had about 10 hours of mostly not very interesting footage - which thankfully much of which I could discard due to horrible flat light - I'm pretty happy it's turned out watchable, even if nobody else will find it very interesting.
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  7. Awesome, looks like an amazing trip. If it had been me there the video would have been way shorter- see snow, break legs, the end.

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    While I knew Prince could play, I never knew until he passed away that he could play like this as I was never a major fan of his music.
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